About Madison

Madison, Rock Creek ChicWelcome to Rock Creek Chic. My name’s Madison Fletcher and I’m excited to bring you my curated collection of this year’s hottest fashions.

Since I was about 4 or 5, I always loved playing dress up and would totally sneak into my parents closet and try on my Mom’s shoes that were obviously way too big for me. I’d parade around the house draped in her fur coat, heels, and handbag. I’d pretend I was a runway model, and always loved how powerful her clothes made me feel!

My Mom was a total fashionista. As a finance manager at the Lexus dealership, she always had the newest outfits for work. We’d often spend the weekends going to the Mall (or the drycleaners haha) and enjoyed shopping together even as I grew older.

I believe your clothes should be an expression of who you are. And no matter what your budget you can still find something that looks amazing on you. One of my fav things to do is go thrift store shopping and garage saling to find vintage pieces. It’s such a rush to find a valuable piece of clothing that no one knows what it’s worth – except you! And I mean, the compliments don’t hurt either when you can put together a real statement piece and people ask where you got it from!

When I’m not shopping and buying and selling clothing as my side gig, I work fulltime as a dog groomer and am a proud dog mom to my two boston terriers, Roxy and Margie. I’m so lucky to be able to bring them to work with me where they can play with the other dogs and socialize and just be dogs. And yes, they love to play dress them too! Ok, maybe not love…

So the reason behind the name Rock Cree Chic is, I remember going on family road trips through Washington state to visit my Aunt and Uncle who lived in Spokane and we’d always stop at this one place called Rock Creek on the way which is near where my Dad grew up. It was just such a contrast from the city life and I have so many happy family memories from my childhood passing through there.

One time we stopped there at the gas station to gas up the car and get snacks and the look of awe that people gave my Mom like she was some celebrity just because she was dressed so classy. It really goes to show you how first impressions matter and how you can make a statement with what you wear – no matter where you are! That’s why I decided to name my site Rock Creek Chic.

My goal with this site is to bring you a collection of outfits that make you feel empowered so you can rock your next business meeting, date, or night out on the town. There’s always a reason to dress up for the occasion.

Thanks for stopping by!

Much love, Madison